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EVERYDAY IS PET DAY AND I POST MINIMUM 6 PICTURES OF MY CHILDREN HOURLY BUT!!!! I LOVE THEM!!!!!!! SO I'LL TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS EXCUSEspring break was lovely (all i did was finish Final Fantasy Code-0... twice(to unlock the other ending)), and now begins the second half of classes~!🎉
we're picking from some sample scripts to adapt into comic pages, and ignoring the available DC pages i went straight for the only Godzilla one٩(^ᴗ^)۶ surprising literally no one. 
the three pages I'm thumbnailing this week will be part of the end project they're having us do (full finished and inked pages ahhh), so I'm refreshing my Godzilla memory by marathoning my old dvds and trying to figure out what it's anatomy is (its t h i c), especially in the newer versions of Godzilla, like the 2014 version or the new animated one, which i like a lot.
and in script writing class i gotta do thumbnails and write THREE versions of the same script (in different POVs), and that's great and all but.... GODZILLA 
also it hasn't stopped raining for d a y s, i love spring a whole lot☔<(❛∀❛)first mission of Spring Break,
 rearrange room so my desk can be by the windows: 
done!ヽ(´▽`)/ (except for hanging up the paintings above the piano)
second mission of Spring Break,
do nothing but play video games: 
in progress = ̄ω ̄=some stress relief Leo doodles from last week + some assignment thingsssss💤days are blending together but spring break is next next week yeyyyyy _(._.)_🎉the other day 🌧i got accepted into two pre-college classes by Academy of Art University (it's in California, but has a huge base online as well): Comic Illustration and Writing for Comics🎉 classes started two days ago, and will last until around the end of April; i can tell it'll be challenging, there's a lot of homework and mandatory discussion boards, but i can't help but nerd out and be excited rather than annoyed to write extensive posts about one of my favorite things, with many other students who share my interests. ヽ(^Д^)ノ
it's weird you know. this year is my last year of high school, then who knows after that. little scary. maybe I'll attend this very university, maybe I'll get my first job on the side, maybe I'll publish my first book or take my first trip to a different country. maybe the world will end before then. who knows. 〒▽〒
there's a lot of firsts, and i can't find it in myself to be scared when I'm essentially where I've longed to be since i can remember. 
it's a refreshing thing, to stop and look around, and realise that you're living all that younger you ever wanted. i worried for years, thinking this life wasn't meant for me, stressing about being lost, feeling rushed to accomplish great things. don't get me wrong, i still do from time to time, but as i matured i learned that NO ONE is finished with their life at 25. that's just the beginning. there's too much to learn, too much to do, that thinking the clock is ticking on you is just unrealistic. youth is overrated--the only famous young adults i know are just barely getting started in what they'll accomplish in the future. 
I'm grateful to be where i am today though, acknowledging how far I've come as well as how incredibly far I still have to go. and that's exciting, at least to me.
i hope young me would be proud (i understand i am still very young, but i was the kid who worried about making a career since 9 years old):
I've got my first very own bedroom (after sharing with my sister since birth), i have my dream cats, I've finished 16 novels and just hit 150k on the most recent, I've accepted who i am/what i look like and actually like myself, and now taking classes I've only dreamed of(✿´‿`)my family took me out of town to a fancy Japanese restaurant, and i love them very much 💕happy place
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